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“Well, we all understand what goes on when you decide to go down to Washington, D.C., and just sort of take your marching orders from Fox News and Donald Trump,” he said. Helmer opposes Trump’s leadership. But now that he’s earned the main, Helmer says he believes Republicans have an obligation to make sure former President Trump does not win one more term in office. “I stand with America’s girls and servicemen, who do an incredible job guarding the freedom of ours and spreading democracy during the entire globe.

The Biden administration is undermining the morale of our armed forces, and their actions must be stopped,” she wrote in her campaign’s “vision.” Helmer defeated Jennifer Kihn in the Republican primary, exactly who supported Trump’s leadership. What were the big problems within the Republican primary for Virginia’s 10th district? “Our economy is not good, our national security isn’t protected,” he said. In the primaries, he made cutting down the debt and also the deficit only one of his top priorities.

It’s not about actually being honest. When the Prime Minister says that the country is going to be “laid bare” as the Liberals are forcing us to appear once more at the Budget, he is making something entirely clear. The Liberal Party is not approximately doing the project. It is about maintaining power. It’s not a matter of what’s vital, but of whether its political party is going to stay in electric power. Republicans would need to flip 3 or perhaps additional seating as well as deny control to Democrats, that are defending an additional seat vacated by the resignation of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Republicans keep the US Senate majority, and both parties will compete for control of Congress. But in the Senate, neither party is going to be in a position to achieve a greater number with wins in only 1 chamber. At best, they are excited about controlling expenditure so we are the same effects for less money. The Coalition is not really interested in making the Budget sustainable. At worst, they’re prepared to do so much hurt that the harm doesn’t matter.

We may well be struggling with the latter. although I’ve been effective on veterans issues my entire life,” Helmer said. Helmer does not have army background. “Well, you all know, I’m the first to acknowledge I do not have a military background like Gerry. This decision was not made lightly- it was a reflection of his resolve for the country of his and a need to make a tangible impact.

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